I am a big fan of password managers. They help you creating strong and unique logins, and at the same time these apps come with auto-saving function and auto-fill function that fast brings you into your accouts the next time you visit that page. One of the first password managers with this functions was PasswordBox, why in 2013 I chose this tool to store and manage my logins. In 2014 the company joined Intel Security and was renamed into True Key. After Intel and security pioneer McAfee announced their splitting, True Key sticked with the latter, some weeks ago now the Intel logo disappeared from the app.

I always liked True Keys functions: auto-login on websites via brower extention in Chrome/Firefox/Edge and auto-login on smartphone apps, strong password generator and autocopy into forms and the app dataset, the wallet which saves your not only your credit card credentials, passport ID numbers, membership information and secret contacts.

But other services just as Lastpass and Dashlane have become the leading platforms – and you might find features there that you miss in True Key. When you think about switching to a password manager alternative, you also have to think about the question wether your app of choice is able to import your logins.

Which apps can handle the True Key csv?

True Key does not export its dataset into a proprietary file format, the extention produces a csv – which anyways is the better solution. Because True Key seems to be a quite small player on the market – and although many services offer a csv import, they lack to understand the True Key file. Dashlane for example does import usernames but no password. With some adjustments in the csv it might work, but that would require some other skills.

I went through several password managers, created accounts and tried to find a way to import the True Key file. Most of them have several format options, Keepass has the longest list. But with most, True Key is not among the listed services.

But I found two password managers that eat the True Key file: Keeper and Roboform.

While both properly imported my 261 logins including titel, url, username and password, there was one difference that will influence your choice which you are going to take: Only Roboform was able to import the notes as well. So if you use that field in True Key for important information, then Roboform is your solution.

The second reason why I would recommend Roboform: If you have a specific password manager for your new login infrastructure in mind, then Roboform is the better bridge for your data, because there are more services that are able to import from Roboform than from Keeper (which is not in the Lastpass import list, for example).

During this research I did not compare other specifications and features, so other facts might be more important for your case. I hope that I was still able to help you building a new password security enviroment without losing your True Key data.

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